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Due to concern about rapid spread of Covid-19 we have been holding worship services via Zoom and Facebook Live for several months.  We have gradually resumed in-person worship St. Luke's, but with restrictions.   Please see our home page for details.  We will reevaluate the situation periodically and make changes accordingly, following the recommendations of the CDC and Bishop Machholz.  We plan to continue offering access to our worship services via Zoom and Facebook Live, so that anyone who is either uncomfortable with or unable to attend worship in-person for any reason can still participate.  Holy Communion is celebrated twice a month, and those who are worshiping remotely on Facebook Live or Zoom can receive communion by calling the church (607-563-1806) and leaving a message to that effect by the Wednesday preceding communion Sundays.  You may either pick up consecrated communion elements after the worship service (between 11:15 and 11:45) or you can request that they be delivered to you. Please contact us if you need any additional information about these things, or to request an invitation to worship events by email.

Cycling Cherubs

Winter weather is upon us.  Sadly, it's probably time to clean up our bikes, have necessary repairs made, and then store them until next Spring.  I hope you will ride with us then!  Please email Chris Camann at to let her know of your riding interests and to make sure you are on the email list for updates.

Days for Girls 

St. Luke's is now participating in Days for Girls, a world-wide, ecumenical mission project to provide girls (predominantly those in third world countries) with reusable feminine hygiene products so that they can continue to attend school during the days that they have their periods.  Without access to pads, girls stay home, fall behind in classes, and often eventually drop out.

The kits consist of a card showing how to chart the menstrual cycle, a wash cloth, soap, underwear, a waterproof pouch to hold soiled pads, reusable pads and a holder to attach them to the underwear, all in a pretty drawstring bag.  Quantities of 200 or more kits are sent to countries with groups of people (often including nurses) who hand-deliver them and provide the girls with much-needed reproductive education.


Creating the kits requires lots of cutting, sewing and other tasks for which volunteers are needed and appreciated.  We expect to schedule additional "work bees" to make more kits in the spring.  Check back for details after the first of the year, or call Becky Leidy at 563-2905. 

Pictures, Anyone?

Pictures of interest to the congregation may be posted in the Members Only section of the website.  If you have some that you would like to post, or need help viewing photos posted there, please speak to Chris Camann.