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We have discontinued Zoom broadcast of our worship service, but hope to continue Facebook Live streaming.  We would love to have you join us in person, if possible, at 9 am on Sunday!  Communion is celebrated most Sundays, and coffee and light refreshments are available following the worship service.  In accordance with CDC guidelines, masks are optional.

What We Believe


When Lutherans talk about faith,
we are talking about the relationship God’s Holy Spirit creates with us. It’s a relationship where God’s promise of steadfast love and mercy in Jesus opens us to a life of bold trust in
God and joyful, generous service
to everyone we know and meet in daily life. 

For more about what we believe, 

Find Us


We are located at the corner
of West Main Street and Circle Drive in the village of Sidney, NY. Although our 911 address is 139 West Main Street, the entrance to our driveway is actually on Circle Drive. Our mailing address is:
PO Box 2008, Sidney, NY 13838   Phone  (607) 563-1806

About Us


St. Luke's Lutheran Church was founded in Sidney, NY, in 1953. 
Our unique church building was designed by an architect inspired by the surrounding rolling hills,
and was constructed in 1966.
A community center, which serves as a fellowship hall and meeting place, was added in 2004. Over
the years, we have been served
by a diverse group of pastors, several of whom have come from non-Lutheran denominational backgrounds.

Our Mission


We welcome all people, based upon the foundation of God’s grace and mercy. Inspired by God's love, we offer healing and hope
for all.

Worship & Music


Traditional liturgical and less formal worship services are held at 9:00 am on Sunday mornings.  From September through June our worship is often enhanced by our choir.  If you are interested in joining the choir, please speak to our organist/choir director David Burch.  New members are always welcome, and we hope to be able to resume choral activity soon.


Following the worship service, we often have a coffee hour to help people to get to know each other better and encourage each other in their lives of faith.


Members of St. Luke's are both


Disciples – who study and practice the teachings of Jesus Christ.


Ministers – who go out into the community to serve and care for others.

If you are interested in joining our congregation, please come to our Sunday worship or contact our secretary at (607) 563-1806.


We are stewards of God's gifts.  We give freely, in love, to share His blessings.

Most people give on Sunday morning as part of regular worship.  However, if you are not able to be in church or just want to give electronically, you may do so here.  St. Luke's uses the services of Tithely to securely process credit card donations on-line.  Receipts for such donations will be sent from and charges will appear on credit card statements from "CheckingStripe.comny"

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What's Happening?

What happened to our bicycling weather?

Sadly, my bicycle is now parked in my walk-out cellar, because the beautiful burst of spring weather we had a couple of weeks ago just didn't last.  It was enough, however, to get me out for a few good rides.  My bike performed flawlessly, smoothly shifting through all its gears, stopping quickly when the brakes were applied, turning easily at my direction--all without squeaking, squealing or rattling--and no wonder:  earlier this year I had taken it to a trusted bicycle mechanic for a thorough tune-up.  He replaced worn parts and adjusted others so that everything would work perfectly.

While enjoying my first spring ride, huffing and puffing up minor hills and noticing some sore leg muscles, I found myself thinking about my bike's visit to the mechanic and wishing that, like my bike, I could have dropped my body off somewhere for a professional tune-up and picked it up a few days later in perfect condition!  Wishful thinking!  Our bodies and our spirits, like our bicycles, require regular maintenance for optimum function.  The media often seem to bombard us with articles on the importance of nutrition, exercise, sleep, and preventive healthcare, but spiritual care and maintenance receive a lot less attention.

Certainly, properly feeding, exercising, and resting our souls is just as important as doing these things for our bodies.  God knows this, His word tells us so, and H
e gives us friends to encourage us on our spiritual journey and churches with caring, trained pastors to provide regular respite, education, inspiration, and welcome so that we can experience the joy and peace of Sabbath.  Come and join us, or a congregation near you, for worship this week.  Your spirit is probably due for a tune-up!  If you can, bring a friend.  Share the blessing of God's love and forgiveness with others, and if you haven't maintained your bicycle lately, call your mechanic and make an appointment! 

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