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About us


The congregation was founded in 1953. Our unique church building was designed by an architect inspired
by the surrounding rolling hills, and was constructed in 1966. A community center, which serves as a
fellowship hall and meeting place, was added in 2004. Over the years, we have been served by a diverse
group of pastors, several of whom have come from non-Lutheran denominational backgrounds.


Wide doorways and a very gently sloping entryway make our building fully accessible to wheelchairs and other mobility aids. We use moveable chairs rather than fixed pews in our worship area, so seating can be configured to permit those in wheelchairs or with service dogs to sit together with other family members. Our ushers have been trained to help with this.


Lutherans are called to do God’s work, not because God needs our help, but because our neighbors do.


It is probably no accident that our congregation is named after Luke, the physician. We are fortunate to have many nurses among our members, and together the nurses provide health, nutrition, and safety education programs, regular blood pressure monitoring on the third Sunday of each month, and are available to answer questions regarding healthcare and provide assistance following illness or surgery. 


Backpack Program

The backpack program at St. Luke’s provides needy children in the Sidney school district with a backpack
full of nutritious food for weekends during the school year, when reduced price or free school lunches
are not available.

Our Community Center is available for parties, meetings or events. For more information, please contact us at: 
(607) 563-1806
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